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Juana García Delgado
Juana García Delgado

Biology and Science Teacher
Colegio Particular Antonio Rendic
Antofagasta, Chile

My name is Juana García Delgado and I was born in Antofagasta on October 24, 1977. I am mother to Vicente who is a year and 9 months old.

I am a biology and natural sciences teacher and am credentialed to teach since 2003, and since that year I have worked in Colegio Particular Antonio Rendic, a school in Antofagasta. I teach studends in fifth and sixth grades and my activities away from school include the scientific academy and to participat in a group of Guides and Scouts "Wontolla".

Science is for me a continuous discovery and interesting learning experience especially surrounding phenomena of routine character and it interested me as one of my passions since it is a dynamic occupation in which learning is done by doing.

What I am hoping to get from this course is to find alternative ways to teach natural science, in a dynamic, attractive, creative and fun way. Also, I like to participate in field activities, to be in contact with scientists who are actively looking for and developing ways to interest children, young people and professionals in science.

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