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Phyllis Isbell
Phyllis Isbell

NES Teacher
Key Peninsula Middle School
Lakebay, Washington

I am a teacher at Key Peninsula Middle School in the Gig Harbor area of the state of Washington. We are south and west of Seattle and Tacoma, and north of the capital, Olympia. The Peninsula is surrounded by South Puget Sound.

I have worked at KPMS for six years. I have been teaching since 1973. I began teaching in Portland, OR and moved to Seattle in 1985. I moved to an island in South Sound in 1999 and began teaching at KPMS a year later. I have been teaching Science most of my teaching career.

I have a daughter, Leigh, married, and a granddaughter, Ava. Ava is now 4. We call my home Hummingbird Point but we also know it as Ava Beach. I like the outdoors, I sail and hike and I belong to an astronomy club. My home has a weather station on the web.

I am a member of the NASA Explorer School team. KPMS is in its second year as an Explorer School. Last summer I attended the Astrobiology Institute at Ames Research Center. I am most looking forward to doing science in the field. I am excited to find out the things I can learn and the ideas and plans that I can take back to my students. I am most concerned about (the long flight and) being a good member of the team. I wonder where I will be sleeping and if I can pack enough chocolate to last me through the two weeks.

Granddaughter Ava Phyllis' Granddaughter, Ava. Notice the T shirt.  

Phyllis, Ava, and Bob Phyllis, Ava, and Bob

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