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Spaceward Bound Pilot Program 2006 For Teachers

An opportunity to plan and implement high fidelity Moon/Mars analog exploration research

Do you …

  • Have a passion for exploration, science and scientific research?
  • Find planetary science fascinating - particularly the utilization of places here on earth to investigate what it might be like on other planets?
  • Like the outdoors and exploring new, remote places?
  • Like working with teacher peers, scientists, and informal educators?
  • Like discovering and developing new and novel ways to bring authentic science and scientific research into your classroom?

Then we invite you …
To apply to join a science expedition
to explore and study the Atacama Desert in Chile
with the
Spaceward Bound Pilot Program 2006
June 20 – July 1, 2006

Spaceward Bound is a program that …

  • Immerses teachers in authentic NASA exploration research by challenging them to plan and implement a field research expedition
  • Develops cohorts of teachers located throughout the country who have significant experience in NASA field research
  • Supports teachers to “go forth and multiply” by facilitating the training of peers by program graduates and dissemination of NASA science throughout the Explorer School system and beyond
  • Recruits teachers from NASA Explorer Schools to
    • Identify highly qualified program participants with established interest, motivation and pre-requisite experience with NASA science and education
    • Infuse Spaceward Bound teacher learning and experience throughout the nationwide Explorer School network and beyond
  • Connects with other NASA projects to establish a matrix of programs covering multiple applications of field research in NASA exploration and science, e.g.:
    • Spaceward Bound - Moon/Mars analogs
    • SON Winter Story - hydrothermal science and astrobiology
    • Phoenix MARSFEST - mission centered exploration

The Spaceward Bound Teacher Cohort 2006 will …

  • In conjunction with NASA scientists and educators, plan and conduct a field research expedition to the Atacama Desert in Chile.
  • Work with NASA scientists to perform ground-breaking scientific research in the field
  • Learn and apply current planetary exploration an science concepts, theories and ideas
  • Utilize experience, knowledge, and creativity to determine how to develop pedagogical content knowledge and methods for bringing field research into the classroom in an authentic, relevant and educative manner
  • Actively support and provide training on PCK and methods to peer teachers within the NASA Explorer School program and beyond
  • Mentor subsequent cohorts of Spaceward Bound teachers
  • Utilize their learning and experience to support the evolution of the Spaceward Bound Program

Post-Expedition Requirements

  • Journals of field expedition experiences to be posted on Spaceward Bound website
  • Plan for leveraging of field expedition experiences into classrooms
  • Plan for outreach to all NASA Explorer Schools via DLN network
  • Written reflection on personal learning, program strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for inclusion in final Spaceward Bound Pilot Program 2006 report

Spaceward Bound Events

  • Applications due midnight February 22, 2006
  • Selections announced March 8, 2006 (6 teachers and 3 alternates will be selected)
  • Five 1 1/2 hour pre-trip session during March, April, May, and June (dates TBD) via DLN; will cover topics such as:
    • Past and current Atacama research
    • Moon/Mars analog theory and science
    • Field research - design, preparation and conduct
    • What to bring, logistics
  • Note: all members of the Spaceward Bound 2006 team will communicate frequently via email/phone during expedition preparations
  • Airfare, transportation, room, board paid by NASA
  • There will potentially be opportunities for exploration into the interior of the Antofagasta region as time permits

Spaceward Bound Itinerary

  • June 20: fly to Santiago, Chile
  • June 20 - 21: drive to Yungay Research Station (south of Antofagasta); overnight in Copiapo
  • June 22 - 28: field work
  • June 29: drive to Santiago
  • June 30: fly home, arriving in the U.S. port of entry July 1

Take a closer look at the research site.

Read the article Two Dry For Life: The Atacama Desert and Mars by Chris McKay

Application Instructions for Teachers
Applicant Information Form
Sample Letter of Recommendation and Commitment
Teacher Requirements
Teachers Release and Consent Form

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