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Thursday, June 29, 2006
By:  Matt AllnerPacking up in "hallway" of station



Our last day at the station, which means time to pack up, and not just personal belongings.  We had to pack-up the entire station, due to looting that will take place when we leave.  Things were packed such as stove, fridge, cupboards, tables, chairs, bathroom sink and toilet, all electrical wiring, and the large sunshade in the backyard of the station. It was a little sad to be tearing down what had been our home for two weeks, but everyone was happy to help with the task. 

photo of Pato




Before I continue, does anyone know where “Pato” is?  He has been taken from me again.



Anyhow, as we departed the station we stopped several times at the original transec sites to collect more soil samples for Rosalba.  At site #4 (renamed Henry’s Red Site) Kelly was doing some of her work on electrostatic charge in the soil, while Alfonso and Henry collaborated with her on potential variables affecting the outcome of the results they were getting from the tests. 

sculpture of a hand in the desert

Moving on towards Santiago, we are re-visiting the beautiful landscapes and scenery we had seen two weeks ago.  Spending two weeks in a desert with no presence of life has made us all more aware of the small things around us daily that we normally take for granted. 

We arrived in Vallenar once again to spend the night at the hotel Costerilla de Vallenar.  Many of us made emails and calls to family at home for the last time before getting into the Santiago airport. 

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