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Spaceward Bound Pilot Program 2006 For Teachers
Atacama Desert - Yungay Station

Yungay StationOur base of operations during this expedition will be Yungay station, about a 1.5-hour drive southeast from the city of Antofagasta. A small hill known as the Rock Garden, east of Yungay station, is the main site for our studies of Mars-like soils.

The Upper Parking LotThis area is known as the Upper Parking Lot. The hillside above the the Upper Parking Lot is the Rock Garden. All of the soils in this area are Mars-like.

Rock Garden HillRock Garden Hill is clearly marked by the oval car tracks on its side above the Upper Parking Lot. We are trying to no longer drive up thes tracks, but stay in the Upper Parking Lot.

Map to Yungay Map to Yungay

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