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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Australia 2009

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Joanne Berriman
Head of Science
Oatlands District High School, Tasmania


My Tertiary Education includes a Bachelor of Science, during which I focused on Ecology based subjects; Zoology, Botany, Climatology and Geography. I followed that degree with a Bachelor of Teaching, hoping that I could instill some of the passion and knowledge that inspirational teachers of my past had given to me. I am currently in my 4th year of teaching.

Ethical and sustainability issues regarding humans and our interactions with the planet are an integral part of understanding the interconnecting systems that make up the world we live in. I became a teacher with the firm hope of being able to provide an engaging and motivating science curriculum that would challenge and motivate my students to pursue science as both a personal interest and possible career choice.

I feel students need to understand the issues impacting on sustainability on our planet and the fact that we all face an uncertain future due to our use of fossil fuels. Students need to understand the way in which they can, as informed and educated citizens, have a role to play in the sustainability of our world for the future, both individually and through careers.

On a more personal level, my partner is a musician and, I too, have a passion for music. I enjoy getting out there and supporting the ever-increasing arts and music scene in Tasmania, which provides a nice balance to the science side of my life. I enjoy taking time out for camping, bushwalking and photography.

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