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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Australia 2009

photo of Maureen Cooper

Maureen Cooper
Expedition Principal Cook


My role on the expedition is the principal cook. I have academic qualifications of Bachelor of Education and Grad Diploma in Librarianship. I taught in both primary and high schools in Darwin and Perth. In Darwin, my favourite job was as Computer Teacher for a large primary school that had three streams of each year group. Some of the activities we undertook in the 80’s included programming and robotics.  After working in the oil and gas industry in Perth, I am now an information manager in the public sector.

Cooking is my hobby as well as something I do each day. I was the 'Sunday cook' when I was the school supervisor on McArthur River Station (Ranch) in the Northern Territory and cooked for thirty to forty people. Although we have limited supplies we did have the advantage of plenty of good beef on hand. Later, David and I lived in Gove and Darwin after Cyclone Tracey and even then fresh supplies were limited compared to southern states.

In addition I have had many years been cooking for Scouts fund-raising events and a hundred and one sausage sizzles so I can find my way around a cooktop. I hope to give everyone good food so that you can enjoy your work.

Finally, above all, I am looking forward to meeting everyone and joining in the discussion on making science relevant to all school students.

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