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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Australia 2009

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Liz Ryan
School Moderator
Campania District High School, Tasmania

Teaching was not always my only career. I have a worked in a range of areas – career fields across the Northern end of Australia in Far North Queensland. My degree is in Education, and I am currently undertaking my Masters’ Degree in Girls Education.

Science is the discipline that fascinates me. It is the means by which an explanation of our existence is possible – the study of space moves into the realms of what is possible. Spaceward Bound is an opportunity for personal professional learning and a means by which to increase my understanding of our world. I intend to focus on life in extreme conditions as my main area of knowledge is Biology. I have undertaken some geological study when completing my degree through the Queensland University and worked accordingly with geologists at Mt Carbine – a now defunct wolfram mine.

My interest in Space began when I stayed at Woomera when it was a USA base. I visited Island Lagoon and its dish. Thus began a lifelong fascination. When I became a teacher,I developed a personal  interest in the encouragement of studentsto work towards developing ideas of what is possible and examining current knowledge of space, especially using NASA.
I now teach Science and Maths at Campania District High School, Tasmania – one of only two science teachers.

I have been involved with the Science Quality Teaching Programme, I am a member of the Science Teachers’ Association and have led and motivated various groups of teachers in their exploration of science.

As a teacher, I have been recognised for my ability in several ways – as the Manager of the Penguin Skill Centre, I received the Learning Together Award for Community Involvement; I was a Tasmanian Nomination for the Outstanding Contribution to Literacy (Federal Award) and have been nominated for Landcare Award.

I view this chance as a means of bringing current information, learning and resources to a school that is often isolated from access. I view the resource development for teachers and students to be of high importance and to share this learning with other teachers is a very exciting prospect.

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