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NASA Spaceward Bound: Australia 2009
Update VI

  SBA Education Team,

Hopefully all is progressing well, you have glanced over a reading or two and are beginning to feel the Spaceward Bound buzz.

For this round, the last (for now), I recommend a look over the Jim Thompson article about Thermography and utilization of this technique as applicable to identifying features, particularly caves on Mars. You will find the paper below in the Results and Reports of Atacama Research section.

For those that are in serious need of suit time, space suit that is... the paper below will give some background to modern approaches and developments in suit design. James Waldie, who has and is doing development work in this area, is an important researcher in this area. Even though we will not be accessing MCP, we will be using 'spacesuits' from VSSEC (Victorian Space Science Education Centre), so understanding the analog concept of these will give a bit of a mental concept as preparation for when we are in the field and doing a few activities in them. Certainly, they make us look the part and make great opportunities for photographs for family and friends.

Check out the paper, found in the Australia section of the website.

If you have any questions about these, or other articles, don't hesitate to ask. We will have ample discussion time, especially when in our research teams. Don't forget to check all the forms on the website, some of which need to be filled in and brought along and checking the website for any last minute additions or addendums.

Not long now, not long at all.

On to Mars,


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