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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Australia 2009
(July 9-16 2009)

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Contents of this page:

Biographies of Participants
Training Updates
Field Journals
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Biographies of Participants:


Reut Abramovich - Australian Centre for Astrobiology, University NSW - PhD Student
Dr Rosalba Bonaccorsi - NASA Ames/ SETI institute:- astro-biologist
Penelope Boston - Geomicrobiologist, New Mexico Tech
Adrian Brown - Research Associate
David Bryant - Field and Lab Assistant
Elaine Bryant - Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
Dr Paulo Desousa - Physicist,  Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO)
Dr Vic Gostin   University of South Australia:- Geologist
Jen Heldmann - Planetary Scientist, National Research Council, NASA Ames Research Center
Eriita Jones - Australian National University – PhD Student
Dr. Graham Mann - Murdoch University: - Robotics
Chris McKay - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames; Expedition Lead
Shannon Rupert - Ecologist, University of New Mexico, Department of Biology
Mike Spilde - Cave Research Scientist
Jim Thompson - Cave Research Scientist   


Joanne Berriman - Head of Science, Oatlands District High School, Tasmania
Nicolette Burraston - The Armidale School, New South Wales
Jane Dobson - Claremont College (TAS)

Mark Gargano - Science, Society & Environment and Technology & Enterprise Coordinator, St Joseph's School, Australia
Stephen Joyce - Lab and Field Assistant, San Jose State University
Naomi Mathers - Research Scientist & Curriculum Developer, Victorian Space Science Education Centre
Luther Richardson - Physics/Computer Science Teacher NEAT member
Liz Ryan - School Moderator, Campania District High School, Tasmania
Keith Treschman - Academic Staff, Brisbane Girls Grammar School (Queensland)

Australian Support Staff

David Cooper - Expedition Safety Officer & Spaceward Bound Australia Coordinator
Maureen Cooper - Expedition Principal Cook
Guy Murphy MSA:- Author/architect historian (VIC), Expedition Media Coordinator  
Nina Stanfield - Expedition Supporting Cook
David Willson - Australian Expedition Leader

Training Updates

Expedition description and Planning Information: June 2009
Update I: June 13
Images of Interest
Update II: June 23
Update III: June 24
Update IV: June 26
Update V: June 29 (important documents)
Update VI: July 1
Update Final: July 3

Overview: Edited July 2, 2009 (pdf document)

Field Journals

Week of 6/28/09, Poly Centric Campus News:
Professor Scores 'NASA Trifecta'

July 13, 2009, Jim Thompson --
Science is being conducted on the ground and in the air during Spaceward Bound.

See Daily Entries from the field!

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Jul 19, 2009, Jim Thompson
Airborne Thermography NASA Spaceward Bound Australia Outback 2009 (Photo Journal)

July 20, 2009, Jim Thompson
NASA Spaceward Bound Autralia Outback 2009 (Photo Journal)

July 26, 2009, Jim Thompson on YouTube
NASA Spaceward Bound: Jim Thompson Interview by:
Naomi Mathers of the Victorian Space Science Education Center for Australian students as part of the NASA Spaceward Bound Australia Outback 2009 expedition


Science Activity Planned

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