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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Australia 2011

Lucinda standing with astronaut gear

Lucinda Land
Executive Director
The Mars Society U.S.

Lucinda Land is currently the Executive Director of The Mars Society. She has been involved with the international non-profit space advocacy organization since 2002 when she became a life-time member. She has been familiar with Dr. Zubrin's Mars Direct plan since the United State's announcement to send humans to Mars in 1989 during the elder Bush administration. She has worn many hats within the organization as part of the Political Web Team, Regional Coordinator, Director of PR, and has lead several lobbying efforts for the society's collaboration with the Space Exploration Alliance in Washington D.C. (2004 -2009).

In addition to her Ex. Dir. role for the society, Lucinda is currently under the supervision of Dr. Chris McKay at NASA Ames working with Spaceward Bound. Dr. McKay spent four years creating a Mars curriculum for students and teachers to teach field science at MDRS. Lucinda is now in the position to continue a strong education and outreach effort with NASA, The Mars Society, MDRS, and the general public. Her goal is to create an, "Introduction to Field Science on Mars 101" course utilizing Dr. McKay's results of his four year study to further science education and communication beyond Earth. She looks forward to when students state excitedly that they are, "Spaceward Bound".

Lucinda has a background in geology and graphic design and combined those talents to become a CA clear credentialed geoscience secondary education teacher. She has taught physical science with a Mars space science component to middle schoolers for the past five years. She is now focusing on finishing her MSc degree in Inter-Professional Science Education and Communication (IPSEC) at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, UK and is due to graduate in June 2011. Lucinda currently resides in Silicon Valley, CA. You can follow her twitter page at: LandOnMars.

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