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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Australia 2011
(July 9-20 2011)


Dale Andersen - SETI Institute
Sacha Andersen
Monika Bell, Environmental Science Education Officer at BHP Billton in Western Australia
Jen Blank - Geologist, SETI Institute
Rosalba Bonaccorsi - Astrobiology, NASA Ames
Jon Clarke - Geologist/Scientist. Geoscience Australia ACT
Liza Coe - Educator, NASA Ames Education Division
Dave Cooper - MSA Leader MSA WA
Maureen Cooper - Librarian and Expedition Cook MSA WA
Alfonso Dávila - SETI - NASA Ames
Mark Gargano - Imaging and Applied Physics, Curtin University & Director (Education) Mars Society Australia
Simon George - Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,Macquarie University, Sydney
Kath Grey - Scientist/Palaentologist (Perth only) Geological Survey WA
Lucinda Land, Executive Director, The Mars Society
Larry Lemke
Chris McKay - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames; Expedition Lead
Matt Reyes - Photographer and Social Media Coordinator
Jon Rask - Life Scientist, NASA Ames
Shannon Rupert - Scientist / Educator Dine College
Ken Silburn, Head of Science from Casula High School in New South Wales
Janine Slocombe, Curriculum Developer, Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group
Harry Steel - Science & Engineering Student, University of Sydney
Carol Stoker - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames
Jim Thompson - Cave Research Scientist
Daniel Valerio - Filmmaker, Producer
David Willson
- Austalia Expedition Leader

Travel Plans

Travel Brief
Overview Image
Overview: Edited July 2, 2009 (pdf document)

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Photos by Simon George
     10-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Perth to Mt Magnet
     11-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Mt Magnet to Newman
     12-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Newman to Nullagine_Gallop Well_Strelley Pool
     13-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Dawn of Life Trail_Gallop Well_Strelley Pool Chert
     14-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Nullagine-Mesa at Bonny Downs_Marble Bar_Port Hedland
     15-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Trendall Locality_Strelley Pool Chert
     16-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Port Hedland to Karratha
     17-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Karratha_Mesa A mine_Pannawonica old mine_Miniliya Roadhouse
     18-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Miniliya Roadhouse-Denham-Shark Bay-Carbla Station
     19-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Carbla Station-Hamelin Pool-Shark Bay-Geraldton
     19-Jul-11B_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Carbla Station-Hamelin Pool-Shark Bay-Geraldton
     20-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_Geraldton-Cervantes_Lake Thetis_Pinnacles Desert
     21-Jul-11_NASA Spaceward Bound_WA_GSWA_Trinity College at UWA

     Mark Gargano's Overview and Days one - three: Spaceward Bound out and about in the Pilbara.
     Mark Gargano's Days four & five: Space suits and The Dawn of Life.
     Mark Gargano's In the Beginning ... From Nullagine to Marble Bar to Port Hedland, the expedition continues.
     Mark Gargano's On the Road Again... Port Hedland to Karratha
     Mark Gargano's Day 8 & 9: Karratha to Manilya Roadhouse to Shark Bay
     Mark Gargano's Day 10: Swimming with the Stromatolites at Shark Bay
     Mark Gargano's Day 11: Geraldton to Perth, via more stromatolites

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