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photo of Tony Leavitt in Hawaii
photo of Tony  with residue from water's edge

Tony Leavitt, NASA Education
Aerospace Education S
ervices Project
NASA Ames Research Center

Tony Leavitt is an Aerospace Education Specialist at Penn State University and is assigned to the Educational Programs Office at NASA Ames Research Center. He covers the northwestern United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

Mr. Leavitt earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, his Bachelor of Science degree in Education at the University of Maine at Farmington and his Master of Science degree at Oklahoma State University at Stillwater.

Mr. Leavitt is currently in his ninth year with the NASA Aerospace Education Services Project. Prior to joining the AES Program, Mr. Leavitt was a high school science teacher, athletic coach, outing club and community service leader.

Mr. Leavitt is a native of Turner, Maine, and now resides in southwestern Washington. His loves include planetary geology, astronomy, sports, hiking, biking, kayaking and travel.


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