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photo of Jon in Antarctica

Jon Rask
Life Scientist

Jon Rask is a Life Scientist with the Space Biosciences Division of NASA Ames. His current research focuses on human health risks associated with space exploration, and the search for life on Mars. Jon has investigated the toxicity of Lunar Dust, and developed and tested life science hardware and experiments for Space Shuttle missions and the International Space Station. He has performed experiment operations aboard the NASA C9B parabolic aircraft, and been a test subject in hypergravity experiments aboard the centrifuge facilities at NASA Ames.

Jon has also been involved in Mars analog research at the Mars Desert Research Station, in the Mojave and Empty Quarter Deserts, in the relic glacial terreains and badlands of North Dakota, in the Arctic on Svalbard, and in Antarctica. Prior to his work at NASA Ames, Jon was a farmer, rancher, and high school science teacher in North Dakota.

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