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Idaho 2011

photo of Tara Hearing
Tara Hearing
Teacher, First grade , Plummer, Idaho

Spaceward Bound Expedition Idaho 2011

My name is Tara Hearing and I teach first grade in Plummer, Idaho. I have had a love for science ever since my mother first starting taking me out on “wilderness adventures” as a toddler. I was certain I would eventually discover treasure, a new creature or a pathway that led to unknown land.

Eventually I grew up and took my love of science with me to get my A.S. in Early Child Development and then my B.S. in Elementary Education. Now I get to do my own exploring as well as teach my young students all about the world of “ologists”.

My meteorologists check for cloud formation. My entomologists explore the life cycle of mealworms and my chemists make predictions about the impact of vinegar on baking soda.

I love that I get to take forms of advanced science and make it simple and accessible to elementary aged children. I work hard to let them know that becoming a scientist is not an unreachable dream.

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