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Idaho 2011

photo of Cait
Caitlin Pennington
Educator, Credential Student, & Substitute Teacher
Mackay School District, Idaho
Spaceward Bound Expedition Idaho 2011

Caitlin began her career in physics and astrophysics. While an undergrad at Carthage College, she participated in several research trips to the Kuiper Observatory in Tucson, AZ and the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, WI. During that time, Caitlin became a physics fellow, gave lectures at the planetarium, ran and participated in community outreach events, tutored students, built and maintained science demos, assisted in teaching physics and astronomy labs, held several internships and research positions with NASA and the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, and even flew with her research on NASA's Weightless Wonder (aka “The Vomit Comet”).

She attended graduate school at the University of Idaho for nuclear waste research. After a year, Caitlin decided that she wanted to pursue a career in education and science outreach. Currently working on teacher certification, she is a substitute teacher with the Mackay School District in Idaho. Alongside starting an entrepreneurial, non-profit, renewable energy venture with her colleagues, Caitlin is also working on developing several STEM outreach programs for children in the very rural central mountains of Idaho.

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