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Idaho 2011

Anita Scott
Teacher of PE, Social Studies and Math
Owyhee School, Owyhee, NV
Spaceward Bound Expedition Idaho 2011

Who I am
Who I am I was born in Illinois on Chanute AFB in 1950 to Beverly and CV Scott. My sister was born nine months later. We were assigned to Uruguay with my father in a support role/liason for airplanes sold to their government from 1952 - 1955. My father spoke perfect Spanish - he was raised in Mexico - and knew airplanes inside and out so he was a perfect choice to work with the Uruguayans.

Our family returned to the states to Kelly AFB in 1955 so I was a "Yankee" raised as a Texan.

I am also a Scottish, English/Spanish, Peruvian, Inca/Mexican, Commanche, Iroqouis/German, Italian American who was raised as a white. I did not know I was mixed race until I was 12 and a classmate informed me I was a half-breed. We were raised to be color blind and never thought about any race except the human race.

Since I was 9 years old I read every science fiction story I could get my hands on and like to say that I spend half my life in outer space. My imaginary life is quite interesting.

I have one son, who is 36, an intelligent, scientific minded daughter in law, and a precocious granddaughter.

My Background and Career Path
I entered college to train as a nurse, wanting to do good in the world. When I discovered that most illness is lifestyle inflicted I switched to Physical Education so I could help prevent disease rather than cure it.

At college I took a required Geology course and fell in love with the subject.

Since most schools are science teacher poor and PE teacher rich I have taught science every year as a teacher. I have taught Social Studies and Math as well, along with a few PE classes a year since 1997.

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