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Idaho 2011

photo of Julie Tullis
Julie Tullis
Science Teacher
Hillcrest High School
Spaceward Bound Expedition Idaho 2011

Hello to all the Spaceward Bound community! I am a member of the science department at Hillcrest High School in Idaho Falls. My current teaching assignment is Earth Science, but I've also taught Botany and an advanced Earth Systems class. I have an MS in Geology and worked on programs associated with alternative energy, low level radioactive waste and site characterization at the Idaho National Lab before entering the teaching profession.

I love teaching science, and I think it's really important to help students broaden their horizons and see the world around them with an understanding of the natural processes at work. It always amazes me to discover that many of my students haven't been far outside the boundaries of their home town. I am looking forward to this Spaceward Bound experience to discover new ways to bring the wonders of Idaho alive for them.

We truly do live in a remarkable state, which gives me every opportunity to fully engage in my many hobbies. I enjoy camping along with mountain biking, hiking or canoeing. I love the treasure hunt of geocaching and have three active caches of my own. I also spend a ton of time in my vegetable garden, which gets bigger every year despite the fact that neither of my children live at home anymore. If an hour of free time presents itself, I love to play disc golf at the local courses and really enjoy visiting courses in other towns. I always have a bag of discs in the car and am ready to go. My dog Lacey and my ever patient husband Paul are very indulgent in following my quests for adventure.

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