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Jason Belveal
California State University, Chico
Physics and Education

My name is Jason Belveal; I am thirty nine years old and married with children. Molly Jo is my wife’s name; we have been blessed with Ashley (15) and Jake (6). Starting in the construction trade when I was 15 years old I used my back to make money for 10 years. Then I used my hands to make a living for 7 years as an RDA (registered dental assistant). Then I decided to use my head to make a living and started back in school. Originally RDH (registered dental hygienist) was my educational goal then it switched to engineering, then to chemistry and now physics so I have lots of science classes under my belt. I’m working on my physics degree and my teaching credential at CSU Chico with the intention of teaching high school science/math.

I have considered myself a scientist since an early age. Scientific phenomena have always fascinated me and have kept me wrapped in classes that would bore most people to death. “Experiments” performed with bugs, plants, rocks, fluids and different kinds of mud were daily habits for my brother and me during childhood. I like living in a rural area and will undoubtedly end up teaching in one. Nature is where it’s at and I want all I can get.      

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