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 lassen landscape
Lassen 2008

photo of Mae Frantz

Mae Frantz
Geographic Information Systems
GIS Analyst

My name is Mae Frantz, and I’m a recent graduate of Columbia College, in Sonora, California, where I received my A.S. in Environmental Science and a Certificate of Achievement in Geographic Information Systems.  I’m currently employed as a GIS Technician for the County of Tuolumne, and work part-time as a consulting GIS Analyst.  I plan to transfer to CSU Stanislaus in the fall where I’ll be pursuing a B.A. in Geography with a concentration in GIS.

My passion is sustainability, and I hope to work in a field where I can combine spatial and policy analysis to affect positive change.  In my rare but highly-valued free time, I appreciate spending time with my family and friends, enjoying the beauty of the natural world, laughing, and learning.  I’m looking forward to this exceptional experience.


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