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Lassen 2008

Chad Gillis dressed as Galileo

Chad Gillis
Physics Student
Pre-Service Teacher

Born and raised in Northern California, I saw little reason in going anywhere but CSU Chico after graduating high school in order to accomplish my future goal: to become a high school physics teacher.  Since then, I have finished my third year in CSU Chico with my eyes on a B.S. in Physics and a teaching credential for high school teaching.  After that, of course, I will have the fantastic experience of teaching science.

I have a scientific mind, but I also have a heart for children (even the teen ones) and learning, so I find that teaching science will be a fulfilling opportunity for me.  .  With foresight, I decided to spend a large part of my time involved with teens and science-related events over the years, so I can learn and be a better educator and mentor. In addition to my academic life, some things I appreciate are movies, hanging out with buddies, and a good video game every once in a while.

Once I saw news of this Lassen 2008 Spaceward Bound project, I nearly gasped myself to death.  I was waiting for something like this to come around for a long time.  To be involved in science research activities with the chance to learn how to better teach students will be a wonderful experience that I anticipate eagerly.  And the potential ‘space adventures’? Don, don don don! Yes, please!


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