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photo of Jamie Mills

Jamie Mills
California State University, Chico
Biology and Education

I am a student at Chico State University, and I just got married on January 5, 2008. My major is biology, and I am also pursuing a minor in chemistry, a minor in anthropology, a certificate in forensic identification and a teaching credential. I hope to get my doctorate in physical anthropology and eventually become a board certified forensic anthropologist.

My main areas of interest are in DNA, genetics, and human osteology. I am fascinated by the human body, and I hope to contribute some research to further understanding the human genome. I also want to become involved in forensic anthropology, helping to give closure to families of missing persons.

I have always loved science, and I have always loved sharing my knowledge with both children and adults. Since I was little, my grandma told me I would make a wonderful teacher, but I never seriously thought about it until recently.  In high school, I had a job at a middle school working at an after school program, and I absolutely loved interacting with the kids. I am looking forward to completing my educational goals, expanding my knowledge, and starting my career as a high school science teacher, getting students excited about all aspects of science.  


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