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 lassen landscape
Lassen 2008

photo of Walter Solorzano

Walter Solórzano
Student, Mathematics and Education

My name is Walter Solórzano, and I was born 47 years ago on Managua, Nicaragua. One of my educational goals is to get my degree in mathematics and then get into the credential program at San Francisco State University.

I came to the United States twelve years ago. At first, I was working hard so I could economically help my family who still live in Nicaragua. After a few years of hard work, I decided to go back to college and finish my degree.
Getting a degree has always been one of my dreams. My mother taught me my first letters, my first numbers, and my first sentence. She is the person who inspired me and planted in me the love of learning new things and valuing education Thanks to her, I am trying to reach one of my life long goals. Now you have an idea why at this age I decided to go back to school.

A biography will not be complete if I do not say what I like to do. Well, I like to play chess, I like to listen to music, I like to go to the beach with my two dogs, Oliver and Teo and my wife, Patricia, and look at the immensity of the ocean. In addition I like nature and to try to understand what is going on in it.

I like to be useful to society and give back something to it. I consider that one way to give something back is to become a teacher. Teachers are important for society; they are the responsible for making sure that our future generations become real thinkers and take the appropriate steps so everybody has a planet to live on in the future.

In the late eighties, the government sent me to study in the Czech Republic. I was happy because I thought would be able to achieve my dream at that time of becoming an engineer. I wanted to be more useful to Nicaragua and the world, but things did not go well because the Soviet Union fell apart, and I could not finish my degree. In 1996, I immigrated to the United States of America. Two years ago, I obtained my residence; now I am a legal resident of this country. I am hoping that this is the right time for me to reach my dream.

Those are the things I wanted to share with you so you have an idea of who I am. I am going to travel to Nicaragua. I will be there from July 7 until August 13. I am going to visit my Mother, my brother and his family. Then I will meet you.

See you on Mt. Lassen and have a nice summer.   


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