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 lassen landscape
Lassen 2008

photo of Julia Stephens

Julia Stephens
Physical Geography Student
Columbia College

I am transferring to CSU Stanislaus this fall in pursuit of a degree in Physical Geography and a minor in Permaculture.  At Columbia I have earned my A.S. in Environmental Science.  What excites me about these subjects is that they are all great ways to learn about the interrelatedness of all biotic and abiotic systems in a hands-on environment.  I hope to be able to take what I learn from my studies and present them to young adults in an experiential education setting, because I know how rewarding and inspiring that can be!

I learned about the Lassen course through my professors of Geography at Columbia, and jumped on the opportunity to learn more about this unique area of the Cascade Range and teaching methods that can be used in settings such as Lassen. 

In non-academic/work time, I am most passionate about hiking, running, crafting, music festivals, dancing, cooking and spending time with my loved ones!


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