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Lassen 2008

photo of Peggy Taylor

Peggy Taylor
Pre-service Science Teacher
California State University, Chico

I am an undergraduate at California State University, Chico.  After completing this fall 2008 semester I will have a BS in Biological Sciences.  After earning my teaching credential I would like to teach in the grades between 9th-12th.  It has always been a dream of mine for many years to teach science.  Growing up with my children has opened my eyes to the need for experienced, trained, hands-on science teachers.  Some of my children have studied biology with PE teachers and Spanish teachers as their guides due to the lack of experienced science teachers in our schools.  This has been my motivation to go back to school and earn my degree.  Only in this country can a women raise a family ( I have six children and three grandchildren), and still pursue her dreams! This experience will provide an extraordinary opportunity to observe and share ideas and methods that can be taken into the classroom.  I look forward to associating with so many talented people.  
When I'm not studying I like to cycle, hike, swim and kayak with my family.

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