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 lassen landscape
Lassen 2008

photo of Trevor Tetzlaff

Trevor Tetzlaff
Math, Pre-Service Teacher
San Francisco State University

My name is Trevor Tetzlaff and I'm a junior at San Francisco State University, working on getting my B.A. of math for teachers.  I have volunteered over the years as a tutor for elementary school kids, as well as helping out in high school classrooms.  I love math, but even more than that, I love being around students.  Whether it's an elementary school, high school, or university, there's just something about the way a student thinks that intrigues me.

Over the years, I hope to continue learning from my students about how to be a better teacher.  One way I plan to accomplish this is to find a come-back statement for every "So, why do I need to know this?" that a student throws at me.  I think this trip to Lassen is a perfect way to get it started.

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