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photo of Vassilis Drakonakis

Vassilis Drakonakis
MDRS Spaceward Bound Crew 55

My name is Vassilis Drakonakis, I am 22 year old and I am studying in the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department of University of Patras in Greece. I really love my studies subject, and I am very proud of it. Generally I can stay working on my projects til very late because I like them and not because I have to. I have grown up in Kifissia, a northern suburb of Athens. I live in Kifissia, and I love sailing, rafting, painting, music, dancing and cooking. I also am a boy scout since my seven year old and that is something that has really helps me in my life.

Finally I really love everything that has relation with space. I always admire the miracles and the beauty of space as well as the achievement of human brain to go up there and explore it.   


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