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photo of Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan
MDRS Spaceward Bound Crew 54


My education:

I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1998 and a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on instrumentation in 2003 from Utah State University.   Currently, I am a research associate with the Utah State University Research Foundation working on bioinstrumentation electronics.

My professional experience:
During my undergraduate education I worked as a site engineer’s assistant for a local manufacturing company.  There I had the opportunity to learn about industrial facilities maintenance including wastewater treatment, process controls and automation.  After completing my bachelor’s degree, my emphasis shifted toward research.   My current focus is the development of instrumentation electronics for the detection of microorganisms.  One aspect I enjoy about my current line of work is the multidisciplinary environment.  As an engineer I need to be well versed in my field, but as a member of a research and development team I also need to understand the physics, chemistry, and biology behind the task at hand.  Another aspect I enjoy is the wide variety of potential applications from food safety and water quality to planetary protection and searching for life on other worlds. 

My interest in space exploration:
My outlook on space exploration has been greatly influenced by the science fiction literature of last half century.  I have always believed that it is not a question of if we should be engaged in the exploration of space , but how will we approach this challenge, and when we will be able to explore other worlds. 

General information:
I currently live in Logan, Utah. In my free time I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, and mountain biking.  In addition to leisure activities, I also find time to volunteer for community events and projects such as the Cache Valley Gardener’s market and the Utah Bioneer’s conference. 


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