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photo of Carole Gilbert

Carole Gilbert
MDRS Spaceward Bound Crew 55

Carole Gilbert was born by the Mediterranean Sea in the small city of Menton in southern France. She later moved to the western coast of North America where she grew up by the water, moving from place to place every two years or so. Eventually ending up in Montreal, Canada, Carole decided to combine her passion for the outdoors with her interest in science to become a geologist. She is currently pursuing her B.Sc (Honors) at McGill University in Earth Science and is having the time of her life! Over the last few years she has developed a fascination with geochemistry and is working in projects ranging from sediment diagenesis in the Canadian Arctic to natrocarbonatite petrogenesis at the Oldoinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania.

Always up for a challenge, she loves field work and is always looking to exceed her limits and do something bigger, better and more exciting than before. The prospect of eventually working on rocks from Mars is hence what brought her to MDRS.


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