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photo of Samantha Pavon

Samantha Pavon
MDRS Spaceward Bound Crew 54

My name Samantha Pavon. I was born in Montreux, Switzerland. I am Swiss and Spanish. I graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in 2004, with a Diploma in Engineering Physics, specializing in Plasma Physics. I am now a PhD student in Energy Sciences. My thesis subject is about the application of plasmas in aerodynamics. I have always been attracted and fascinated by aeronautics and astronautics. I am orienting my career in that direction because it is an extremely motivating and challenging field. I think that flying and discovering unknown worlds are the most beautiful dreams of humanity.

I enjoy traveling a lot. I have lived for one year in the United States for an exchange year at Carnegie Mellon University, before spending three months in Germany as an intern at the European Space Operations Center (ESOC). After that I visited other countries during treks (South Africa, Chile, Nepal).

On week-ends I like to go skydiving or trekking with friends in the summer, skiing in the winter, or I like to try any kind of new crazy sport. I also love to play my guitar and watch movies to relax. I still have to find some time to finish my private pilot license next year ;)

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