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photo of Deb Bazar

Deborah Bazar
NASA Ames Research Center

My job at NASA is as a writer, researcher, and project manager with the Ames Educational Technology Team. In my daily work I do many things, including meeting with scientists and engineers who do super-cool stuff like build robots, design spacecraft, and study astrobiology (life on Earth and other worlds). I talk to the researchers, read lots of technical papers, do Internet searches, and reference library books to learn more about the work they do. Once I have a good understanding of their research, I translate it into words and ideas for students and teachers. Another part of my job is to manage some of the educational projects for our team. That means I work with artists, web developers, programmers, designers, educators, and evaluators to make sure our projects are complete and on schedule. I also help create partnerships with people outside of NASA on things like textbooks and student programs.

Before NASA, I lived in Las Vegas, where I was born and raised. I grew up in the desert—building forts out of yucca trees, chasing lizards, tracking wildlife, avoiding cacti (ouch!), collecting rocks, and hunting fossils. My parents built a cabin about four hours away, near Zion National Park in Utah; I spent nearly every weekend of my childhood exploring the beautiful mountain trails that winded through pine forests and basaltic lava fields.

I received my degree in geology from San José State University. California is an awesome place to study geology! Volcanoes, faults, metamorphism, landslides, earthquakes, plutons, mountains, coastlines… you name it, it’s here! I love to go on hikes and road trips to admire the scenery, animals, and geology. I bring my field guides with me so I can identify all the birds, plants, trees, bugs, and other critters.

At home, I have two dogs, a cat, and a goldfish. I enjoy traveling, exploring, riding my bicycle, jogging, camping, and reading. I just moved to the beach, so maybe I’ll try surfing too!

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