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Mojave 2007

photo of Raymod Dodd

Raymond Dodd
Science and Language Arts Teacher
Columbia Middle School, California

I am currently working as a science and language arts teacher at Columbia Middle School in Adelanto, California. I have been a classroom teacher for eight years. This is my second career.

When I was in the university many …. many…. years ago I became interested in international student groups. I was elected as the director of the umbrella group for international student organizations and was also chosen as the coordinator for their activities. When I graduated with my B.A. in Environmental Studies I signed up for and was selected as an environmental education specialist in Peace Corps Honduras.

While in Honduras, I helped to establish one of the first environmental protection non-profit organizations in the country, the Honduran Ecological Association. Through this group I got the opportunity to design and implement training activities for many public and private groups throughout the country. I also began to work with media outlets. I began to recognize the positive impact the mass media could have in non-formal education and I developed my first environmental education campaign.

When my time was up in Honduras I returned to California eager to return to school and learn more about the use of media in education. I returned to San Jose State University and got my M.S. in Mass Communication. Just before I finished I was asked if I would like to participate in a scholar exchange with Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Of course I would. I spent six months in Thailand with the Development Communication department. While there I was exposed to many projects and programs throughout the country which were using communication technologies to spread their message. The people at Chulalongkorn were great and they took or sent me to all parts of the country to visit a wide variety of projects which just convinced me more of the potential for media support in education.

When I returned to California, I finished my thesis on Mass Communication Campaigns in Support of Formal Education in Developing Countries. I then returned to Honduras, Central America where I spent the next 10 years developing communication activities and programs in support of formal education and the environment. During that time I also got connected with some international consulting agencies and began to carryout contracts in the areas of mass communication and formal, non-formal and informal education. Also during my time in Honduras I met and married my wonderful wife and we began the journey known as child rearing with our now 15 year old son.

When we returned to California in 1996, I continued to take occasional consultancies overseas and to date have worked in eight different countries around the world. I also worked for a short period of time as the director of a non-profit organization which organized environmental volunteer projects in the Mojave desert. The program was developed and then absorbed into the Bureau of Land Management in Barstow.

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