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Evan Justin
Middle School Science Teacher
McMurray Middle School

I like to tell people I teach in the bottom of Puget Sound - Vashon Island <> is about the size of Manhattan, & about as developed as Manhattan was around the time of the Dutch administration. We’re a few miles away from Seattle by car & passenger ferries, with an eclectic mixture of engineers, bankers, communes, artists, & cottage industries, & some industry leaders, such as Pacific Research (aka- The Bone Factory – great place to dumpster dive for anatomy model rejects). The view from my street ranges from the Space Needle & North Sound shipping traffic, to Mt. Baker & the Cascades East, to the Olympics West. Quite a change from my childhood on Chicago’s West Side.

I’ve taught Planetology 8 at McMurray Middle School <> since 1991, and was joined by my wife Jan in Humanities 8 in 2000 - we get to ride together on our 7 mile commute. My previous vocations span about 10 years, and include environmental chemistry & toxicology in the Army Corps of Engineers, and laboratory chemistry in the private sector in high temp industrial applications. My current professional investments center around NEAT, the Solar System Ambassadors Program, Project AstroBio, REVEL, & running our local astronomy club. I like to use Tai Chi to keep myself limber, my wife to keep me happy & honest, my Husky to keep me humble, & my students to keep me quirky (aka – McMurrray’s Oldest 8th Grader).

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