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Michael B. Marchiondo
Integrated Science Teacher
Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Personal Data: I live in Chester County, Pennsylvania, with my wife Helene of 21 years, my going-on-17 daughter Katie, and my home-once-in-awhile 19 year old son, who is in college. Also living with the family are two cats, four gerbils and one snake.

Education: I graduated from Delhaas High School. After military service I earned a B.S. in Geology/Astronomy, a B.S.ED. in Earth & Space Science and an M.A. in Physical Science, consecutively, from West Chester University.

Employment: United States Navy Operations Specialist, Sixth Fleet Mediterranean, 1975 to 1980.  Geology Instructor, WCU, 1982-84.

Junior High School and Middle School Earth/Space Science Teacher, Physical Science Teacher and Integrated Science Teacher from 1985 to the present. Athletic coach of football, baseball, soccer and softball from 1987 to 1997.

NASA Experience:  NASA Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers, 2004 to the present. Lunar & Planetary Institute’s “Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars and Beyond”, 2005. NASA’s LiftOff Institute: An Edu-Space Odyssey, 2001.  NASA’s Earth Systems Science for 21st Century Teachers, 1999. Lunar Sample Loan Program, 1997 – present.

Honors: Disney American Teacher Award Nominee, 2006, 1999. Exemplary Teacher, Tredyffrin/Easttown School District, 2005.  NASA Astronaut Candidate Finalist, Class of 2004. National Science Teacher’s Association Gustav Ohaus Award for Innovations in Middle Level Science Teaching, 1996. Numerous grants that have benefited students.

Interests: Being with my family, traveling, hiking, fishing, canoeing, carpentry, mechanics and music.

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