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Sheila Siino
Fourth Grade Science Teacher

     I am a Gifted and Talented Education teacher with David M. Cox E.S. in the Clark Co. School District. Whether teaching teachers how to use the Global Positioning System in the Classroom, or taking my students on field trips to Astrocamp, Lowell Observatory, or Catalina Sea Camp, I love teaching and exploring science. I am also an instructor for RPDP, the professional development strand in the Las Vegas region. I am currently teaching Science in the Fourth Grade Classroom sessions for RPDP, Using the Whitney Mesa as an Outdoor Classroom for PDE credit and Using the Global Positioning System In the Classroom as a PDE credit. I also serve in the position of President Elect on the Southern Nevada Science Teachers Association (SNSTA) Board. I am married and have a daughter in her 1st year of college.

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