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photo of Tara Weatherholt

Tara Weatherholt
Pre-Service Physics Teacher

My name is Tara Weatherholt, and I am currently a senior Secondary Education student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My primary teaching field is in Physics, and my secondary field is in Biology. I am honored and extremely excited to be a part of the crew for the 2007 Spaceward Bound: Mojave Expedition. I cannot wait to use this experience inside the classroom to bring the subject of science to life for students in the Clark County School District of Southern Nevada.

My love for science, especially Physics, began at the age of five when I was given my first glass prism. However, it wasn’t until I entered my first Physics class at the age of 16 that I really found out how a prism worked! During my free time I love to go hiking. The Arizona Hot Springs trail, which is located about 4 miles past the Hoover Dam, is a favorite of mine. I love all areas of the sciences, but Physics definitely holds a special place in my heart. My excitement for this expedition can only be summarized with one word— eureka! 

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