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photo of Daniel Wray

Dan Wray
Science Teacher
Lakeview Middle School

Currently in my twentieth year of science education, I have had wonderful opportunities to establish and administrate several new programs as well as spend many years as a traditional teacher in the classic settings of high school and middle school.  Though I love the concepts and ideas of the life sciences, it is my greatest thrill to work with middle-schoolers.

My educational philosophy centers on the idea that teachers cannot truly transfer knowledge or wisdom to students but must interest and excite students regarding new ways to see and describe the world in which they live.  To this end, I am in constant search of innovative ways to provide authentic opportunities for students to spark their enthusiasm.  NASA has been a wonderful resource since by its very nature and reputation its purpose is innovation and discovery.

I have been married for twenty-one years and have one son and one daughter.  My family is a constant source of joy and activity in my life.  We are involved in activities from music to sports to travel.

My hobbies include travel, nature, sports, reading, and problem solving (I really like a good puzzle).  I am involved at church as an usher and routinely join evening Bible study groups.  I like to study topics related to education such as brain research and behavior studies.  I even try to find a little time to maintain a reasonable level of personal fitness. (Perhaps it is inaccurate to list this as an interest.)  My passion, though, is NASA.  I have a special interest in the early days of the agency and the people and decisions that have shaped the entire space exploration enterprise.  It has been a special thrill to have met several of those whose efforts have influenced NASA’s history.

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