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photo of Peng Yav

Peng Yav
Astrobiology Student, SJSU

I am currently working on my teaching credential at San Jose State University and plan to teach high school physics in the bay area afterwards. My BA is in physics with an emphasis on teaching. I decided to enter the educational field when I realized I could no longer stand sitting in front of a computer screen at a deskjob. It gave me headaches. Not sure if I would consider myself a career changer, since I never really had a career to begin with. Hopefully the headaches will go away.

In any case, this is the first ever physics/astonomy department class field trip that I'm about to go on, so it is super exciting. It sort of reminds me of science camp back in fifth grade when you get to spend the night out with friends and classmates drinking hot cocoa. Field trips have been always much more fun than sitting in class. I've been to the Death Valley area a number of times with the SJSU Geology Department, so it would be interesting to look at the same area from differing science perspectives. To train for the Mojave trip, I've been avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs instead. I will probably continue to do this until my knees wear out.

When I am not overloaded with school work, I enjoy mountain biking and watching movies which I haven't done lately, hence the collection of dust on my bike. I'm raising some sea monkeys that I got as part of a gift exchange last Christmas...the only pet ever to come set with instructions. I find it interesting that the instructions show you how to bring them back to life in the event that they die. I teach science part time to elementary school students for a little group known as Mad Science of the Bay Area. Did I mention they do birthday parties? I also dj on the weekends. Oysters anyone?

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