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Photo of Nicole LaCount with Marin Headlands in background
Nicole LaCount
Teacher Credential Student - Biology
San Francisco State University

I am a SFSU single subject (biology) credential candidate! I have a B.A. in environmental studies from UCSB. I have worked with youth of all ages for over 7 years, mostly in the capacity of science/outdoor/environmental educator. I love the out-of-doors, and I love science. My hobbies include soccer (all sports, really!), the water (lakes/rivers/ocean/ponds) yoga, meditation, learning, wondering, reading, cooking, eating and hiking around!

I enjoy bringing hands-on inquiry based activities to my students. Basically, I don't like talking at the board! Through this program, I hope to learn more about bringing real-life, current scientific field research to my classroom in order to bridge the science-teaching and the science-doing gap.

Have a nice day!

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