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photo of Amanda Chui

Amanda Chui
Mathematics / Sociology Major
San Francisco State University
Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Chui. I am 21 and a native San Franciscan. I am in my last semester as an undergraduate Mathematics and Sociology major at San Francisco State University. I have been working with youth since my junior year in high school and have developed a strong interest in mathematics and urban education. While in the classroom, the students I work with frequently ask, "How does math and science work together, Miss Amanda?" (Their math and science classes were usually paired together).

My science experiences include a college course in physics, animal diversity, and biology. In addition to these courses, it is my hope that the Mojave expedition will give me more "cool" experiences to share with my (future) students. I am looking forward to the experience and meeting more math and science educators.


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