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photo of Charles Finley

Brian Finley
Mathematics Major
San Francisco State University

Greetings! My name is Brian Finley. I am 22 and I was born in San Francisco, raised in Daly City. I am currently in my last semester at San Francisco State University soon to graduate with a B.A. in mathematics: Concentration in mathematics for Teaching. I plan to teach middle school mathematics as my future career, hoping to make a difference among the youth.

I have been working with the youth since my senior year of high school. One of the best successful experiences I had when working with youth was when I was a camp counselor/naturalist. As a naturalist, I taught kids the extraordinary wonders and importance of nature, inspiring them to be nature conscious and to promote a healthy environment in our community. This profoundly inspired me to be a future teacher.

Not only do I have a strong interest in math, but I also have a strong passion for physical science, biology, astronomy, and oceanography. I even took college courses in astronomy, geology, oceanography, and physics to help me be prepared to learn more about science. I believe having an understanding of the interdisciplinary relationship of math with other subject areas, like science, is one of the many effective ways to successfully teach students.

Many of my hobbies include creating/drawing mazes, collecting rocks and coins, hiking, playing clarinet, piano, basketball, and video games. I am excited about the Spaceward Bound Mojave expedition and I look forward to meeting you all!

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