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photo of Leyla Morrison

Leyla Morrison
Valley High School
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello everyone my name is Leyla Morrison and I presently teach Biology I and Principles of science at Valley High School in Las Vegas Nevada. The majority of my students are Hispanic, however, I also have Asian and African descent ones. Many of them have being in the States for no more thank 2 years or less. The thing that I love the most of my students is that they are very opening minded. They are willing to do any project that I prepared from them and ready to learn new things. Valley is one of the oldest schools in Las Vegas with lots of tradition which is why; I am excited to start something new with my students.

I am originally from El Salvador, Central America. I moved to Lovington New Mexico in 1985, went to New Mexico Junior College, where I earned my associates in science major pre-med. I later earned a B.S. in science major in microbiology and minor in chemistry. My idea was to go on to medical school but after I completed my volunteer hours at the University Medical Center I discovered that I really hate hospitals.

In 1995, I went back to school and obtain credential to teach secondary science and I am happy to report that this year is my 14th year of teaching. I love my job and I love field research even more. In the past, I was involved in The Globe program sponsor by Al Gore. I received a grant by NASA to aid my expenses in my classroom while my classes conducted Globe protocols. Unfortunately, the program died out and I have no monetary means to continue some of the protocols that I learned in Texas. I also participated in a study that was testing a piece of equipment. The graduate students were working RICE University in conjunction with NASA. My students were testing the levels of Ozone in the atmosphere In Houston Texas, with the instrument that was giving to us by the graduate student and reported the finding to her. She published her finding and gave us credit in the study. This definitely made my students be part of real experience that had real life relevance for each and everyone of them.


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