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photo of Meredith Perry at Mojave

Meredith Perry
Paleobiology Student
University of Pennsylvania

I am an undergraduate paleobiology student at the University of Pennsylvania.  During summer of 2009, I interned at NASA Ames through  the Undergraduate Student Research Program.  At Ames I worked with Dr. Brad Bebout researching the biocompatibility of cyanobacteria and microalgae with nanosatellite hardware to understand their potential application on the International Space Station as a source of oxygen, biofuel, and food for astronauts.  

That summer I met Dr. Chris McKay and a new research project was developed -- which brings me to the Mojave.  Here, we are studying the Precambrian stromatolites in the Crystal Spring Formation for the broader goal of understanding stromatolitic sensitivity and ultimately using these data as applications to Mars astrobiology research. A number of tests will be run to analyze the formation.    

As of January 2010, I am a NASA Student Ambassador.  Our goal is to engage, inspire, and attract students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to the wonders and workings of NASA, space, and beyond. My research interests include anything astrobiology -- including finding life in space, putting life in space, the functioning of earth life in space, terraforming planets, etc.  I plan to continue with astrobiology research and hope to become an astronaut.  Mars 2030!   

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