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photo of Ravinnath Ravi

Ravinnath Ravi
Cal Poly, Pomona

My name is Ravinnath Ravi, but my friends mostly know me by just V. It's much easier to pronounce, and it works well with the lecturers too. I am an international student currently working on my degree as a fourth year student at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Biotechnology and minoring in Chemistry and Physiology. I will be graduating by spring 2011, hopefully, if the budget cuts don’t kill off the school system.

I’m into any kind of sports, especially soccer, and billiards. I played soccer at the national level back home, and I generally enjoy all sports. My other passions are beaches and travelling. I love going to new places and meeting new people. I am a true beach bum, and a skimboarding freak. Skimming isn’t really popular here, but it's the craze where I am from! I enjoy good food, and good company better!

Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010 will be my first expedition with NASA, and I hope there will be many more to come. I have always been fascinated by the space and the universe. As a kid, I was brought up learning that the Earth is the only place where humans could possibly live. NASA changed this notion of concept in my mind making it not so abstract anymore. NASA was the main basis that led to this, as its well-known robotic and manned space exploration missions were exhilarating. My interests in NASA are mainly about the space expeditions and space related sciences such as astronomy. The notion of other living beings possibly existing or at least able to exist anywhere else in the universe is vastly intriguing. To somehow help in my own way to ultimately find the answer is a mind-blowing prospect. So yeah, I can’t wait for spring break!


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