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photo of Crystal Sandoval

Crystal A. Sandoval
Biology Major
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

I’m Crystal A. Sandoval, Biology major at Cal Poly Pomona. I will be graduating this spring 2010. In the fall, I will begin working on my teaching credential. I plan on becoming a high school science teacher. I currently am a Science Olympiad coach at a nearby high school and Noyce Scholar.

I love to hike, jog, and play volleyball and basketball. I’m an easy going person, who loves to laugh. Working with kids has been a deep passion of mine. Learning new ideas about science while being in the Mojave will inspire me to bring the outside world into the classroom.

I look forward to beginning the Spaceward bound program. I have always enjoyed the mysteries of the universe. The exploration into the unknown requires a vast understanding of scientific methods, techniques, and principals. I look forward to expanding my knowledge under the wings of experienced, highly regarded professionals.


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