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Doralene Tsosie
Chinle USD24
Chinle, Arizona

Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010

Hello! My name is Doralene Bahe-Tsosie. I was born at home like the rest of my eight siblings on the Navajo reservation. I grew up in the days wagons and horses were our main transportation, and jobs were scarce, and people looked out for each other.

I currently teach second grade. I taught preschool, kindergarten, bilingual kindergarten (very difficult), first, second, fourth, combination of sixth/seventh grade and seven, eight grade language arts. I also substituted in all grades except college. I’ve been in the education field fifteen years as a certified person and six years uncertified. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor of science and a masters of arts from Arizona State University.

I love sports and coach several sports like soccer, basketball (love it), softball, and volleyball. I love to hike and watch movies at the theaters. Most of all I love food especially Mexican food. I like horses, dogs, and cats. I have been a single parent for the past twenty one years, and I love to move to different places. I have traveled the western half of the United States, three provinces of Canada and the border town of Mexico.

Education was my second choice of career. My first passion was to fly fast-flying machines at a very young age. My curiosity was set off while herding sheep as I watch the plane fly overhead. They flew over maybe two or three times a day. I knew they were fast, because I would time them with the sun dial that my dad showed me as they crossed the skies. I had plenty of time to think and wonder. But my father talked me out of it, because it was against my family cultural belief.

P/S I’m sorry I don’t have a photograph of myself, my computer that housed my photos has crashed and I am in between computer. I only have access to the school computer which have restriction on what I can install (0) or download.


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