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photo of Doreen Tsosie

Doreen Tsosie
Chinle Elementary
Chinle, Arizona

Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010

I am interested in participating in Spaceward Bound because it is an interesting program to gain new teaching and personal experiences. Being part of the program will give me access to experts allowing me to ask wondering questions that will provide me with new learning experiences. The program will also allow me to collaborate and share learning opportunities with experts as well. I also know the program will challenge my problem solving abilities. Science has always been an interest to me and is probably one of my best subjects to teach along with math. My students also push me to learn more or keep me on top of recent researches so that I could provide them with deeper knowledge. Accepting me to your program will enhance new knowledge which I can share with my students thirst for knowledge.

I envision implementing the information I learned to my classroom by providing amble opportunities of hands on activities in the classrooms. I find my students interested in science and the world around them. I can envision my students taking control of experimentations and reading for more information. As for my school, I can envision establishing an after school study focusing on science with lots of hands on learning activities and sharing what I learned from the program. Students will then learn new vocabulary and begin to think critically, and solve problems beyond their limits. As for my community, I envision a science family fun night that will happen occasionally, where the students get to teach community members all about what he or she has researched and learned. It takes one person to plant the seeds and from there he or she can watch them grow uncontrollably.

My passion for teaching started when I was only in 5th grade. My 5th grade teacher gave me the inspiration that I could someday teach. With her inspiration I chose the teaching field. Today, I love being in the classroom teaching beautiful children of different backgrounds because we are all different and learn different. My students allow me to find different ways to teach them. My students are my backbone and strive my thirst to gain more new knowledge of the wondering world. They push me to go outside of my community to bring back new knowledge and share with them what I learn. Every day I enter my classroom door, I often wonder what kind of questions I will be asked today and will I be ready to respond or teach so that they can answer their own questions. My students’ excitement to learn always brings me back to my classroom ready to teach. By the end to the day, they go home ready to share with their families about what they learn and that makes me happy that I am inspiring my students to learn beyond their capabilities.

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