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photo of Stephanie Valverde

Stephanie Valverde
Liberal Studies / Earth Science Major
San Francisco State University

My name is Stephanie Valverde, and I am a 23 year old senior at San Francisco State University. I love spending time friends, making new friends, playing basketball, painting, being outside (especially in the sun), taking long walks through the city or Golden Gate Park, going on trips to new places and take photographs of anything and everything.I was originally a photography major at State and did free lance work for newspapers in the city like The Examiner and The City Star. 

I changed my major to liberal studies, though as the newspaper industry started to die out, I realized that photography would always be accessible to me in one way or another if I wanted to pursue it. My intention with liberal studies was to get a little bit of everything hoping to find one thing that I really loved, and after taking a geology class called "The Violent Earth," I was done searching. Since then I have taught science adventures to grades K-6th and made my emphasis earth science. I intend to get my credential after I graduate in December 2010 and teach some form of high school earth science. I would love to eventually get my master's degree as well and be able to do some research and teach community college.

I feel like I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish; goals like wanting to be a great science teacher doing some forms of research and to always be learning. I have a lot of passion inside of me that will help me achieve these things, but Spaceward Bound Mojave will definitely be just another step in the right direction to fulfilling my goals.


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