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photo of Michelle Wen
Michelle Wen
Physics Major
San Francisco State University

Hi, I am a teaching credential student in the Secondary Education program at San Francisco State University. I also earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from San Francisco State University. I discovered my interest in education in 2008, and have worked with students in the classroom since.

I enjoy doing sports, such as swimming, jogging, badminton, and volleyball. They shake my worries away. I also enjoy cooking myself, or looking up information about gourmet food in the city. Recently, I fell in love with hummus, Middle Eastern style BBQ, and gyros. I also enjoy foods around the world and am ready to try any kind of authentic dish. My personal favorite food is steak and steamed fish.

I admire the endurance and the energy scientists spend in their projects. Additionally, I have always been fascinated by Madame Wu and Madame Curie; I admire women who have outstanding performance in science. I look forward to seeing my students do well in physics and math.

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