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Spaceward Bound: Mojave 2010-2
Photo Journal by Jim Thompson (March 30, 2010)

NASA Spaceward Bound Mojave Desert 2010 is going great!
Today I was able to drive a NASA Mars Rover in a lava tube

Gas balloon launches, with top altitudes over 85,000 feet
taking pictures and carrying instrument packages payloads was a great success
weather ballons in the mojave

weather ballons in the mojave

weather ballons in the mojave

Testing the Spaceward Bound 2.0 Mars Cave Rovers in  Cima Lava Tube
caves in the mojave robot in cave
Christy driving robot in cave
Christy Thompson testing rover
Jim driving robot in cave
Jim pictured with robot in ave
Jim Thompson testing rover
Kate, Meredith & Daniel in the rover lab
Kate Arkless Gray, Meredith Perry, Danielle Shean on the computer
in rover lab
andrew with the rvberAndrew Klofas with the " Pheonix-R type rover"


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